Walk In Tub FAQ


Frequently Asked Walk in Tub Questions

Can I order a Sanctuary walk in tub with water or air jets?
Yes. Sanctuary walk in tubs are sold with the option of whirlpool jets, air jets or combination jets. Walk in tubs with whirlpool jets have fully adjustable water jets located throughout the tub. Air jet tubs include air jets, a heater and a 3-speed control system. Combination jet tubs include all whirlpool jets and air jets. Please note that the full bather walk in tub is not sold with air jets or combination jets.

How do Sanctuary walk in bathtubs keep me safe?
Sanctuary walk in tubs are designed to allow you to enjoy bathing again without worrying about dangerous slips and falls. All AmeriGlide tubs are designed with anti-slip bottoms and a low step height.  The walk-in tub, petite walk in tub, deep water walk in tub, and king size walk in tub all feature ADA-compliant 17” seat height and grab bars.

How durable is my AmeriGlide walk in tub?
At AmeriGlide, we pride ourselves on manufacturing all our products to the highest standards. Our walk in tubs, manufactured in the USA, are among the most durable on the market. Each one is built with high strength Marine Grade materials over a stainless steel frame. The walk-in tub, petite walk in tub, deep water walk in tub, and king size walk in tub are also finished with a triple gel coat.

What kind of warranty do AmeriGlide walk in tubs include?
Each AmeriGlide walk in tub comes with a generous warranty. We provide a one year parts warranty to cover the critical first year when most problems will occur. Also, the door seal comes with a 25 year warranty, meaning you never have to worry about a leaky walk-in tub.

There are five AmeriGlide walk in tubs. How do I know which one is for me?
The Sanctuary Full Bather Walk In Tub is perfect for those looking for a traditional bathtub experience, but no longer feel safe with their current tub.
The Sanctuary Walk In Tub allows users to enjoy the bathing experience in a sitting position. Its grab bars and anti-slip bottom are designed to provide maximum safety
The Sanctuary Petite Walk In Tub is just like the original walk in tub, except it is designed for those with small bathrooms.
The Sanctuary Deep Water Walk In Tub is just like the original walk in tub, except it holds more water because it is much deeper.
The Sanctuary King Size Walk In Tub is just like the original walk in tub, except it is much larger and fits right into 60 inch long openings.
The Sanctuary Whirlpool Duo Walk In Tub is much like the Deep Water in terms of size and water capacity, except that it comes standard with spa jets.

How easy are walk in tubs to install?
While it is possible to install your walk in tub by yourself, we recommend hiring a professional to do the job. The installation process includes several tricky steps including removing your old tub, repairing your floor, installing the GFI circuit, and hooking up the water line. AmeriGlide cannot install your walk in tub, but we can provide local references for qualified plumbers or contractors in your area. If you do decide to install your walk in tub yourself, you can find a short installation guide that can help you get started.

If you have further questions, feel free to contact one of our walk in tub specialists today.

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